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CC Realty Advisors, Ltd.

CC Realty Advisors, Ltd. forms Limited Partnerships as the investment vehicle to facilitate the acquisition of income producing properties. Equity is raised privately from high net worth individuals who commit a predetermined amount of capital to be invested over a specified period of time. The principals of CC Realty Advisors, Ltd., in their capacity as General Partners have formed in excess of 45 Limited Partnerships to acquire income producing retail, office and industrial properties with combined investor capital of more than $100 million. Currently CC Realty Advisors, Ltd. is the General Partner for CC Realty Fund I, CC Realty Fund II, CC Realty Intermediate Fund I, CC Realty Intermediate Fund II and several other single asset limited partnerships

The company's mission is to provide a high level of service to our clients with above average returns at risk levels commensurate with the type and classification of property within each Fund or limited partnership.

​CC Realty Advisors, Ltd. seeks both stabilized and "value added" investment opportunities throughout the United States. The goal of CC Realty Advisors is to acquire these assets below replacement cost, then enhance their value through meticulous management, renovation, rehabilitation and aggressive leasing. The Funds and partnerships typically have a five to seven year holding period. Utilizing a strategy to minimize risk within each Fund and the partnerships, the company seeks diversification of the assets through the acquisition of various property types, which are located in different geographical regions of the United States.

CC Realty Advisors, Ltd. is a full service advisory company specializing in the acquisition, redevelopment, ownership, asset management and disposition of income producing retail, office and industrial properties throughout the United States.

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